Back to the world of blogging!

Hello everyone, Finally, I’m back again!

I hope everyone is at their finest in life. I do apologize if I responded to your posts and comments a bit belated as a lot was happening in my life during these few months. I took some time away due to my work and a few other events that took place in my absence. I was extremely busy with some work training while travelling to Afghanistan, Washington, DC, Germany and Kuwait. Can’t really speak about what I do, but I had a lot of amazing experiences as well as developments.


In my last post remember that I mentioned that we are working hard towards making a second home purchase in California or I just mentioned my first house in Stockton,CA? Considerably, I’m proud to say that we bought our second house in Sacramento, CA on June 18th 2019. Whoop Whoop!


I’m Proud to say that I’m a father for the 3rd time! After losing Benyamin last year, we were devastated and had a really hard time getting through our days and nights. Briefly after the doctors told us that we were expecting another child. My wife was extremely excited and happy and as a husband I had no option but to support her while I was still not over the fact that I just lost my son, however, I’m beyond proud and blessed to say that I’m a father of a new baby girl who stole my heart once again! Leeya was born on July 18th, 2019 a month after we bought our second house. My son Youzarsif is super charged up and wakes up every morning to help his mother out with some small chores around the house and he is a very proud older brother.

Many, many thanks to you all.

When I first start blogging Rory Matier was the first follower, I had and I quickly traced him back as we start chatting he give me some helpful tips and welcomed me to the WordPress community in addition to that Rory also interviewed me and featured me on one of his posts and soon after I had a few other followers and amazing people such as like yourself so I would like to take the time to thank every single one of you guys for all the love, likes, comments and encouragements. I’m truly blessed to be a part of this huge community. Also please follow Rory AGUYCALLEDBLOCK as encourages very educational posts in addition to that he’s a huge part of our community here on wordpress.

Much love,

Farhad Hamsada

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The life of a musician viewed from the inside.

My name is Farhad Hamsada (born June 8, 1990), an Afghan/American underground musician, Sound designer, Music Arranger and singer-songwriter. I’m known for my songs, “Entahari,” “Gul Guli,” “Zendaghi Meshlay Qafas” (Caged Life), and “Davraga” (Uzbeki) and my latest hit single, “Youzarsif”. My music style is a unique blend of modern Afghan folk and Afghan classical music roots. I grew up in Hayward, California, a suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern, California.

Early Music Career.

I started my musical career when I was just nine years old. I have been singing and playing harmonium since then. I began formally honing my musical craft with Fardeen Nawaz, an Afghan/American musician currently residing in Virginia (US). Once I was able to master my art, I began to appreciate and infuse music that is more Western.

I finished high school through an online institute due to a lot of hardship in life and continued my education in Heald college majoring in Criminal justice. College didn’t pay the bills and I had to get a job and go on with my life. Early 2010 I met my beautiful wife and I fell in love for the first time in my life. In a matter of months we got engaged and soon after I had to leave the States to go work overseas as a linguist with department of defense in support of the U.S military.

While my wife was finishing up her BA and I was saving up so we can get married. Upon my return back to the states we got married on June 21, 2012. We started out with literally nothing. My wife was a bank employee at the time, she referred me to her bank as a teller and I started a new career as a bank teller. I never knew that I was good with sales until I started working for the bank and soon after I was a customer service representative and then a banker.

As a banker my manager, Jose B. started mentoring me as an acting branch manager and when he wasn’t around I was running the show at the branch. I finally made it to Management where I had the opportunity of coaching and mentoring my Bankers and Tellers. In 2016 we bought our first house in Stockton, CA which was a dream come true followed by another blessing with a little boy named Youzarsif and our lives changed forever, he is a true blessing and we thank God every single day of our lives.

My wife had always encouraged me to go back to school and finish my degree in criminal justice and as a teenager, my dream school was Penn state university and that was exactly what I did. I enrolled into PSU world class (Online), this is my second year I’m about to graduate in a few months and I have to say that my wife is my hero! She taught me a lot and I look up to her every single day and thank God for his blessings. In April of 2018 we were blessed for the second time with another little boy and I named him Benyamin unfortunately he was only a few months old when he passed away due to an unsuccessful open heart surgery. Soon after Benyamin’s death, I was offered a government job with the counterintelligence department and took a new turn at life. I’m blessed to say that my wife and I are expecting a baby girl around July of 2019 and in process of buying our second house. Enough of me taking about myself let’s see why I’m here?

Why am I blogging?

This is my first blog ever and you might be wondering why I start blogging? Well, to be honest I’m here to connect with you guys. I’m here to talk about life in general weather it’s adventurous or some fucked up day. I’m also here to connect with my fellow musicians, it does not matter what kind of an artist you are whether a professional or just a newbie because I believe that Music and Art in general does not have a language. I’m here to read your blogs and get to know you guys and learn from every single one of you. if you experienced a rough life throughout the years I understand and I feel the pain, I can relate to you and I would love to read what your story is about. Oh since I mentioned that I’m also a sound designer and a music arranger I’m sure I can help you guys with my musical skills so if you need to get in touch with me please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone.

How can you get involved?

I understand that we might not always agree on certain things in life so if you disagree on some of the things with me or any of my posts that is ok it’s not either it’s my way or the highway I’m a very open-minded person and would love to get some feedback, I’m open to comments, guest posting, suggestions or even complaints please shoot me an email. I would love to consider what you have on mind. I encourage all of you to provide me feedback and I truly appreciate it in advance.

My Goals

As of now I would like to keep blogging and keep writing and with the help of you guys providing me feedback I might consider writing a book out of my blogs. I like to think of it this way as of now I’m just putting the pieces together for a future book. I’m truly looking for people who can help me to achieve my goals as you can see I’m not a very good writer but someday I might be a good one or not. I’m not here to sell you guys some snake oil I’m here to blog about my true feelings and share my experiences with you guys that I’ve experienced throughout my life.

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Happy Birthday, son!

The 25th of April 2016, was one of the best day Of my life. I thank God for blessing me with my little boy, Youzarsif. Today he turned 3 years old. 

I have always been fascinated by prophet Jacob’s life story (Peace be upon him) and his 12 sons prior to the time I got married. I said, if I ever have a son I will name him Yousif and Prophet Jacob give Yousif (Joseph) a nickname and called him Youzarsif which is a Persian nickname for Joseph. 

24th and 25th of April are either good days for me or bad ones. See, I lost my German Shepherd Melo on this day 3 years ago and my Son Benyamin was born on 24th April 2018, unfortunately he passed away on Nov 25th, 2018 but today is a good day because it’s a blessing that I have my son, Youzarsif, with me to celebrate this special day. 

Although I’m thousands of miles, in an overseas military base and the only gift that I could give him is this video that I shot and produced in my room in the military base, I still am grateful to God for giving my son to me. In my music career, I have produced a lot of songs, but making a song for my son was very different than any other song of mine. He has changed me as an individual, he made me a responsible father, a responsible & loving husband and most importantly he truly showed me what life is about so here is the translation of the song.

Language: Farsi

Title: Youzarsif

Credits: Yours Truly, Farhad Hamsada


Everyone, let’s sing together, Till this world lasts. Youzarsif is the idol of our house.

Today is Youzarsif’s birthday and may he live beyond 100 years.

May you never be forced into life upon its hardship.

May you never become Impregnated to any pain in life.

You become Joseph while I become Jacob (Prophet Jacob) May peace be upon him.

May the Lord never takes you away from the sight of my eyes.

Being with you my sadness’s goes away.

Hope appears in every corner of life for me.

When you step into the house.

With every step you take the house becomes full of enlightenment.

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